Appealing a Previous Social Security Disability Decision

If you have previously applied for Social Security disability and have been denied, it may be possible for you to successfully appeal your claim. Over half of initial applications for Social Security disability are denied. Unfortunately, many applicants whose initial application for disability is denied simply give up and wrongly assume that a denial means that they are no longer entitled to disability benefits or that their case is simply impossible to prove.

Social Security disability benefits are designed to provide financial assistance to individuals who suffer from a disability or impairment that substantially impairs their ability to work. If you suffer from a disability that is expected to last at least a year or that may result in death, then you are likely entitled to benefits. An initial denial of your disability application does not change this fact.

Why Was Your Application Denied?

Initial applications for Social Security disability are denied for a variety of reasons. While every case is unique, some of the most commons reasons we see for denial are:

  • Failure to properly complete the initial application;
  • Lack of sufficient medical evidence proving the claim for disability;
  • Failure to provide all required information in the application;
  • Oversight or failure to properly evaluate the claim; and
  • Failure to submit all information in the required time period.

Why You Need an Attorney

Applying for Social Security disability benefits is more complex than many assume. The application process requires that applicants submit a sufficient amount of evidence proving their claim for disability. Many applicants assume that they can handle the application process alone, and they end up being denied benefits simply because they did not fully understand exactly what information was needed for them to be successful in their claim.

If you have been denied Social Security disability benefits and want to appeal your decision, you need an experienced Social Security disability attorney to assist with your claim. Our dedicated Cleveland Social Security disability lawyers understand how the disability application process works and have the knowledge needed to effectively advocate on your behalf.

Appealing Social Security disability claims can be a stressful process. Our office can help eliminate that stress by handling your appeal for you. If you have been denied benefits, our Social Security disability attorney will review your previous application to determine the reason why your benefits were denied. We will also gather any additional evidence needed to prove your claim, such as medical documentation and work records.

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