Federal Court Appeals

If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits and been denied by both the Social Security Administration at the initial level and the administrative law judge (ALJ) at the hearing level, you have the option of appealing your case in federal court. If you are interested in appealing your case in federal court, you will need an experienced Social Security disability attorney to handle your case.

Appealing cases before a federal court is a process that requires a high level of skill. Your advocate must have a clear understanding of the law and what must be proven in order for you to win your case. Very few appeals are successful in federal court, as federal court judges are more likely to send your case back to the ALJ for further review if an error is found. However, it is still possible to be successful. If you choose to handle your appeal alone without the help of a skilled advocate, then failure is almost guaranteed.

We Can Help

Not every law office will take appeals up through the federal court level. Our law office has over 50 years of combined experience handling Social Security disability claims and has previously represented clients in appeals before a federal court. Our experienced Cleveland Social Security disability lawyers are skilled litigators who can competently and effectively represent you at trial. With most federal court appeals being unsuccessful, you need someone with knowledge and experience on your side fighting for you. Social Security disability cases are the only types of cases that our office handles. We have a thorough knowledge and understanding of this area of law and know what you need to be successful. We have a proven track record of success and are committed to helping our clients get the benefits that they deserve.

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If you would like to discuss your Social Security disability case with one of our attorneys, call Kordic & Braun at 1-800-621-0899 to schedule an initial consultation. Your call is free, and if you are not satisfied, there is no obligation to continue. Our Cleveland Social Security disability lawyers are on hand to discuss your case with you and can help you determine how to best proceed with your claim.